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NF-70 Series Demountable Flood Barrier

Innovated Mobile Flood Wall in lightweighed metal frame strcuture with great flood protection

Due to the climate change, flood risk causing tremendous loss, has been a major headache for most of countries’ local authority, a lot of flood protection projects are brought on schedule by local governments. Constructing a permanent concrete dam to block the flood water may be a good idea, but it costs millions of dollars, and, it may be opposite by local environment protesters because it really changes a lot to the landscape and brings unpleasant visual intrusion.

It is a better idea to consider a flood prevention solution which is with a lower budget but trustworthy in performance to fight against the heavy flood water even in 3 meters high, it would be better if it is a mobile flood wall system which can be removed after the flood season to restore the landscape.

NF-70 Series Demountable Flood Barrier NEWFLAG 03

The NF-70 series, our strengthened metal flood board system, can accomplish the mission stated above effectively. It is designed by applying high tensile aluminum alloy of 6005 for posts and increasing the thickness for both the upstanding central posts and the barrier panel, to offer improved great tensile strength against the hydrodynamic wave and currents of flood water.

The designed height is 3 meters, so any height below it can be achieved at each time 200mm easily by sliding in or out the mobile stop logs in the middle. This temporary flood wall also has extra reinforcement vertically welded on the base of the posts to give extra strength. After the pre-installed parts is finished, a team of of 5 man can easily deploy 100 meters of flood wall of height 1 meters within 1 hours.

The safety span for NF-70 dismountable flood wall between 2 posts is designed to be 2 meters, so any wider opening would definitely require central posts with which unlimited length could be achieved. During the installation of the barrier panels sliding into the posts, a 5 degrees of angle is allowed so an arc or curve could be reached together with the increase of central posts if the perimeter is long enough. And if the project requires special corners and arcs, customized corner posts will be designed according to the site assessment to give the correct curvature. The compressive ground gaskets composited by PE&PU can compensate the unevenness of the ground to offer impressive water seepage.

After the flood event, this high tensile mobile flood barrier can be quickly disassembled and transported to warehouse for storage, leaving almost none vision intrusion.

NEWFLAG Demountable Flood Barrier Advantages

Temporary Flood Barrier Specifications


DESIGN SPAN: 2000-3000mm depends on height MAX. SAFE SPAN: 2500mm-4000 depends on height

Side Post (6005-T6):
Height: Max. 2.95 m/ Section: T10.0*100*70mm/ Linear: 5.50Kg/m

Barrier Panel (6063-T5):
Supply Length: Max. 6 m/ Section: T4.0*70*200mm/ Linear: 5.85Kg/m

Central Post (6005-T6):
Height: Max. 2.95 m/ Section: T20.0*120*186mm/ Linear: 15.54Kg/m

Panels and posts: EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber)
Ground: PE&PU composed

COLOUR: Anoidzed (Silver/Black)/ Powder Coated (White, Black,Grey)/ Heat Transfer (Wood Grain)

For EFH 3.0m*L100m, it is 37kg/m2 (each span 2.5m)


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