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NF-35 Series Demountable Flood Barrier

Removable Flood Barrier for Both Civil and Water Projects, lightweighed frame barrier offering extraordinary flood resistance

In most of the anti-flood scenes for both civilian private appliction and water projects by local authority, the flood height to fight against will be below 1.4 meters. In order to cater this universal demand, we designed and engineered this standard floodwall NF-35.

It also has 2 main parts: removable and stackable barrier panels /stop logs and central posts, and pre-installed permanent parts including end posts or side posts as well as anchor plates pre-embedded in concrete foundation. But contrary to the NF-35L, this demountable flood barrier definietly requires pre-installed concrete foundation for anchor plate embedding to make sure the strength to figh against 1400mm high water.

NF 35 Series Demountable Flood Barrier NEWFLAG 05

The height for floodproof is still adjustable by adding or removing barrier panels from 200-1400mm, with single span maximum 6000mm while unlimited length achievable by the connection of central posts for any large opening.

After the pre-installed parts are secured and fixed to the solid foundation, there is almost none visual impact. After receiving the flood warning, a team of 3-4 labors can quickly deploy, by bolting the central posts on the foundation and sliding the logs into the recess of the posts to complete the project, after the flood, it can be easily dismounted with simple tool for storage.

Again, this well designed metal flood barrier will not require any gound frame but only solid gournd surface, the PU&PE ground seals can compensate the roughness of the ground, while the EPDM rubber in both posts and panels will secure the water tightness after the pressing tool is installed on the top of the system.

NEWFLAG Demountable Flood Barrier Advantages

Temporary Flood Barrier Specifications

MAX. EFFECTIVE FLOOD HEIGHT (EFH): 1000/1200/1400 mm

DESIGN SPAN: 3000mm MAX. SAFE SPAN: 4000-5000mm depends on height

Side Post (6063-T6):
Height: Max. 1.55 m/ Section: T10.0*70*85mm/ Linear: 6.75Kg/m

Barrier Panel (6063-T6):
Supply Length: Max. 6 m/ Section: T2.5*35*200mm/ Linear: 3.69Kg/m

Central Post (6063-T5):
Height: Max. 1.55 m/ Section: T20.0*85*140mm/ Linear: 12.73Kg/m

Panels and posts: EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber)
Ground: PE&PU composed

COLOUR: Anoidzed (Silver/Black)/ Powder Coated (White, Black,Grey)/ Heat Transfer (Wood Grain)

CIVIL: EFH 1.4m*L 3m, it is 24.15kg/m2
PROJECT: EFH 1.4m*L 100m (each span 3.5m), it is 24.81kg/m2

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