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A: For Demountable Flood Barrier, as the names shows, it is a kind of mobile flood barrier actually, only partial pre-installed, the other parts including the central posts and barrier panel can be removed for storage after flood ends. But once it is deployed on the flood warning, the flood resistance is permanent.

For Glass Flood Wall, it is permanently constructed to offer permanent flood protection performance but the glass is still able to be replaced in any case it breaks.

A: Our demountable flood wall is a kind of temporary flood wall actually, because it is only part pre-installed, but it can be removed very easily after flood event to leave almost none visual intrusion to the landscape. Even when it is fully erected, the anodized aluminum appears elegant pleasant and tidy with none visual impact. But it offers definitely much better flood prevention performance than the conventional temporary barriers.

A: Constructing a permanent dam may be a good idea, but it costs millions of dollars, and the concrete dam will block the eye sight and really a great visual intrusion to local landscape. Comparing in cost, deploying our sectional barriers is a better idea in both cost budget and visual amenity.

A: It is consisted of mainly well engineered argon arc welded aluminum extrusion profile, aluminum beams/barrier panel/stop logs or 3 layer laminated glass panel, with different gaskets including EPDM for posts and panels while PE/PU at bottom to the ground to prevent the water seepage. And it also contains some accessories as anchor plates and pressing tools.

A: For metal barriers, it is made of light weighed aluminum, so basically it is easy to operate.

For glass wall, it is really heavy because its 3 ply laminated structure if the pane is big and a crane would be required during installation.

A: We can produce from 200 to 4600mm as per customer’s requirement, the height can be increased or reduced by adding or removing the stop logs/barrier panel in the middle at an every 200mm.

For glazing wall, the height will be fixed at design stage from required 400 to 1500mm, but thanks to the exactly same designed posts as the removable flood barrier, extra aluminum beams could be installed right sitting on top of the current glass to increase the flood protection height if any emergency.

A: It depends on the height, if it is low, the MAX. span can reach 6 meters, but with the height increasing, the designed single span should be reduced accordingly to fit the load requirement for security reason by adding central posts to support.
The total length is unlimited by adopting the central posts.

A: The max size we can offer is H1200*L3000mm or H1500*L2500mm. Any larger glass panel will danger the posts load withstanding.
The total length is unlimited by adopting the central posts.

A: At design stage for the special requirement on posts according to the site assessment, both of the frame barrier and the glass floodwall can be fabricated to fit any shapes perfectly including arc, parabolic or angels in any degrees.
And for the standard posts, during the sliding of panels into the posts in installation, actually a 5 degrees of angle is allowed so an arc or curve could be reached together with the increase of central posts if the perimeter is long enough.

A: It depends. The end post could be installed on front wall, side wall as well as bottom foundation. But if the opening is quite big and central post should be applied, it will need concrete foundation for fixing on the ground.

A: For first time installation, the pre-installed parts will take some time, but after that, a team of 5 can quickly deploy a flood wall of length 100m with the height 1m within 1 hour.

A: The aluminum extrusion are all well engineered to offer robust and tough performance, it is designed to resist the impact of 20KN/M2. The compressed gaskets stops the water in a very small leakage which is allowed within standard.

A: Basically the main repair will be the seals/gaskets replacement which is low in cost and could be carried out very easily, and some cleaning and maintenance like stain on surface. we offer 20 years warranty for main parts.

A: We have a test station for load testing as well as a water tank for leakage test in house. And we have obtained the official test report from China National Building Material Test Center. We are also approaching for independent international 3rd lab for authentic accreditation for flood abatement products.

A: Beside products supply and after-sales service, we can offer very comprehensive and people-orientated service according to the requirement of customers:

  • Pre-sales consultation, AutoCad design drawing in 2D and 3D as per your site plan;
  • Provide installation guidance and instructions, free online consultation throughout the construction process and Training files for your local installation team;
  • Suggestion on storage warehouse location selection;
  • Guidance on plan for flood season alert;

A: 1) Affordable Cost: we are in China’s most advanced area near Shanghai where investment and technology concentrates.

2) Reliable Quality: We are approaching for FM approval and BSI Kitemark for flood abatement products.

3) Quick Delivery: With our hard working experienced certified welder team as well as our automatic welding robots facility, we can deliver much quicker than competitors.

4) Quick Response: Our international sales team can serve you 24hours *7 days, any of customer demand will got our response within 24 hours.

5) Comprehensive Service: You can enjoy more satisfying service as stated in previous FAQ.

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